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Why? - Page Ranking 48387

What's Pr??

In short Page Rank is a 'election', by the rest of the pages on the internet, about how important a site is. A link to a page counts as a vote of support. If there is no link there is no support (however it can be an abstention from voting rather than a vote contrary to the site). If you are concerned by families, you will perhaps want to compare about look into linklicious discount.

How is Page Rank Used?

Page Ranking is among the practices Google uses to ascertain a page's significance or value. It is only 1 part of the story when it comes to the Google list, but Page Rank is interesting enough to deserve a paper of its own and the other factors are mentioned elsewhere (and are ever changing).

Page Ranking is also shown o-n the toolbar of the browser if you have mounted the Google toolbar ( However the Toolbar Page Rank just goes from 0 - 10 and is apparently something similar to a logarithmic scale:

Toolbar Page Rank:

(log base 10) Real Pr

0 0 - 1-0

1 10-0 - 1,000

2 1000 - 10,000

3 10,000 - 100,000

4 and so on....

We could not know the precise details of the size since, as we'll see later, the maximum PR of all pages on line changes each month when Google does its re-indexing! If we assume the scale is logarithmic (though there's only anecdotal evidence with this at the time of writing) then Google might only provide the best true PR site a toolbar PR of 10 and scale the remainder appropriately.

Also the toolbar sometimes guesses! The toolbar frequently shows me a Toolbar PR for pages I've only downloaded and can't possibly take the catalog yet!

What seems to be happening is that the toolbar looks at the URL of the page the browser is displaying and strips off everything down the last '/' (i.e. it goes to the 'parent' page in URL terms). Should people hate to identify further on pro, we recommend thousands of online resources people should consider investigating. If Google has a Toolbar PR for that parent then it subtracts 1 and shows that as the Toolbar PR for this page. When there is no PR for that parent it goes to the parent's site, but subtracting 2, and etc completely up to the root of your site. Then the club is greyed out, if it can not find a Toolbar PR to show in this manner, that is if it does not find a site with a genuine determined PR.

Note that if the Toolbar is guessing in this manner, the Actual PR of-the site is 0 - the Google spider first sees it although its PR is going to be calculated shortly.

PageRank says nothing about the content or size of a page, the language it is written in, or the text found in the anchor of a link!


I've started to use some shorthand and technical terms in this report. Now's of the same quality an occasion as any to define each of the conditions I'll use:

PR: Shorthand for PageRank: the particular, real, page rank for each page as calculated by Google. As we'll see later this may range from 0.15 to billions.

Toolbar PR: The PageRank shown in the Google toolbar in your browser. Linklicious contains further concerning the purpose of it. This varies from 0 to 10.

Backlink: If page A links out to page B, then page B is believed to have a 'backlink' from page A.

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